Development of Prototypes

Starting from the idea via solution finding ending with ready-to-use prototypes you always benefit from our experience.

For all fields where analogue signals and manifold information are to be modified, adapted or processed we develop a product for you or with you which meets your requirements and the relevant legal standards.

In many cases we use micro controllers of different suppliers offering 8 to 32 Bit with analogue signal processing and various digital interfaces (CAN, RS232, USB etc.). We develop the related controller software and - if needed - parameterising or testing programs for your PC or notebook which complete the final product.

Starting with the customer's specifications, via the wiring diagram, the development of related software, the layout, the related documentation and the testing of different thermal environments and EMC testing (electromagnetic compatibility) you can always rely on our broad experience.

Our developments are used in the energy measurement management, industrial length measurement regarding accuracy and resolution in the sub-micrometer range, medical environments and healthcare application, as well as in many fields of the industrial control techniques.

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